September 6, 2018

Michael Robson

Michael Robson has worked since 1990 in California politics and has been lobbying since 2001 when he joined the firm of Edelstein, Gilbert, Robson & Smith, LLC. Prior to joining the firm, he served in increasing levels of responsibility and authority for over a decade for one of the most respected members of the California State Legislature, Senator Dede Alpert. Mr. Robson began his long and successful career with Senator Alpert as a legislative aide soon after she was elected to the Assembly in 1990. Mr. Robson became Staff Director / Chief of Staff in 1998, while the Senator served in the crucial position of Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He is experienced in all public policy areas with particular expertise in environmental safety, labor and employment, utilities, revenue and taxation, local government finance, natural resources and the budget.

Mr. Robson received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government/Journalism from California State University, Sacramento in 1990.