August 7, 2020

Focus Rooms

Focus Rooms: What Keeps Us Up at night?

OOR 2020 kicks off with a talk about our own self-limiting beliefs, followed by breakouts that tackle issues within four central themes below.

Members in each Focus Room will discuss challenges in these four areas and then reconvene after lunch to share practices and ideas to help our members thrive.

  1. People and relationships – internal and external “customers”
    1. You – your mental, financial and physical health
    2. Your staff – needs, desires, influences
    3. Your Clients – expectations vs reality
    4. Candidates and Employees – we are nothing without them
  1. Money – Growth and Stewardship
    1. Cash Flow/Financing
    2. Setting and measuring ROI expectations
    3. Mergers and Acquisitions
    4. Pricing for profit – models vary: (High volume low GP, low volume High GP, both, other?
  1. Processes – are you to tight or too loose?
    1. Systems and Automation
    2. Measuring Company KPIs (which ones are most meaningful?)
    3. Measuring/monitoring remote workers
    4. When and why to change
  1. Outside Influences – how well do you cope?
    1. Legal and Legislative
    2. COVID, etc.
    3. Market disruptive competition
    4. Dying and/or hot industries

Our goal this year is for our attendees to leave refreshed and to believe this year’s slogan . . .  “You’ve Got This!”